HSBC Monthly Income Inv

Growth of $10,000

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Fund Returns updated daily. Category and Index returns updated monthly.
Investment Objective and Strategy
The fundamental investment objective of this Fund is to provide a reasonably consistent level of monthly income while aiming to preserve capital over the medium to long term. The fund will invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt and equity instruments. The fund may invest up to 30% of its assets in foreign securities.

Morningstar’s Take

Contact Information

Telephone 800-830-8888

Minimum Investments

Initial 500
Additional 50
Closed to All Investors No
Closed to New Investors No


Country Registered For Sale
Country Available For Sale

Advisor Information

Fund Inception 29/12/2004
Name of Issuer HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd.
Fund Advisor(s) HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd.


  Start Date
Management Team 17/12/2004