Growth of $10,000

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Investment Objective and Strategy
This Fund’s objective is to achieve a balance between high dividend income and capital growth by investing mainly in a diversified portfolio of blue-chip Canadian common stocks and, to a lesser extent, in high yield preferred stocks and interest-bearing securities. The Fund’s advisor chooses primarily blue-chip common stocks. The Fund may also invest in preferred stocks, bonds, purchase warrants and rights, royalty trusts and income trusts, and foreign securities up to the foreign property limit. The selection gives preference to capital growth, while providing a high, regular level of income. Investments by the Fund in non-Canadian securities, will generally not exceed 45% of the Fund's assets taken at book value.

Category Medalists

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Contact Information

Telephone 800-461-4551

Minimum Investments

Initial 5,000
Additional 100
Closed to All Investors No
Closed to New Investors No


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Advisor Information

Fund Inception 21/08/2003
Name of Issuer Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
Fund Advisor(s) Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.