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Investment Objective and Strategy
The fundamental investment objective of the Balanced Fund is to enhance long-term capital value by investing in cash and cash equivalents, fixed income securities and Canadian, U.S. and international equity securities. The Fund’s advisor uses a value based approach to select equity investments which means the advisor looks for stocks that are undervalued in relation to the asset value or earnings power of the issuer. The Fund’s fixed income portfolio is invested in a diversified group of Canadian government and Canadian corporate bonds. The asset mix of the Fund will normally fall within a range of 60% equity and 40% fixed income.

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Contact Information

Telephone 800-461-4551

Minimum Investments

Initial 5,000
Additional 100
Closed to All Investors No
Closed to New Investors No


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Advisor Information

Fund Inception 31/12/1990
Name of Issuer Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
Fund Advisor(s) Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.


  Start Date
Bruce Corneil 16/05/1994
Mark Thomson 23/09/1999
David Gregoris 01/01/1992
John Christie 01/01/1993
Stephen Arpin 01/07/1994
William Stephen Otton 16/01/1995
Glenn Fortin 01/06/1997
Sue McNamara 01/02/2006
KC Parker 01/02/2006
Gavin Ivory 15/02/2006
James Black 14/05/2007
Pat Palozzi 01/08/2007
Colin Ramkissoon 30/12/2011
Rui Cardoso 01/06/2013