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Investment Objective and Strategy
The investment objective is to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, through investment in publicly traded equity securities of companies whose principal operations are conducted in emerging markets and economies of the world. These countries include Latin American nations such as Brazil and Mexico, European nations such as Russia and Turkey, Middle Eastern, and African nations such as Israel and South Africa and Asian nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Contact Information

Telephone 800-830-8888

Minimum Investments

Initial 500
Additional 50
Closed to All Investors No
Closed to New Investors No


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Advisor Information

Fund Inception 01/11/1994
Name of Issuer HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd.
Fund Advisor(s) HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd.
Subadvisor(s) HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd.


  Start Date
Management Team 02/04/2009