Leith Wheeler Canadian Dividend Series B

Growth of $10,000

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Fund Returns updated daily. Category and Index returns updated monthly.
Investment Objective and Strategy
The investment objective of the Fund is to provide a source of monthly income with the potential for long term growth through capital appreciation and growth in dividends by investing in a portfolio of Canadian common shares, convertible debentures and other equity related securities. The Fund is not restricted by capitalization or industry sector although portfolio diversification is a consideration in the selection of securities for the Fund. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will keep its portfolio fully invested, to the greatest extent possible, in Canadian equity and equity related securities.

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Contact Information

Telephone 888-292-1122
Website www.leithwheeler.com

Minimum Investments

Initial 25,000
Additional 1,000
Closed to All Investors No
Closed to New Investors No


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Country Available For Sale

Advisor Information

Fund Inception 21/12/2010
Name of Issuer Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.
Fund Advisor(s) Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.


  Start Date
Patrick Reddy 21/12/2010